Plats offers a dynamic and versatile furniture collection designed to adapt to various environments, from reception areas to collaborative spaces. This modular and highly-configurable seating, workstation, and collaborative furniture collection is perfect for creating customised settings tailored to your specific needs.

Key Features:

Easy Transport and Installation: Delivered in kit form, Plats ensures straightforward transportation and assembly, making it convenient for any space.

Sustainable Materials: Crafted with a timber frame from FSC-certified timbers, Plats incorporates webbed suspension and offers options for PU or recycled foam seating, along with an extensive fabric selection.

Wide Range of Finish Options: Choose from a variety of finishes for each area, allowing you to personalise table tops, fabrics, and legs to match your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Versatile Integration: Designed to work seamlessly with our Konnect, Kobel, and Locker ranges, Plats enhances storage, presentation, and the combination of products for diverse settings.

Ideal for Various Settings: Perfect for reception areas, meeting rooms, informal meeting spots, and collaborative spaces, making Plats an excellent choice for both formal and casual environments.



1 Seater

Seat Height 380mm
Overall Height 800mm
Width 1020mm
Depth 800mm

2 Seater

Seat Height 380mm
Overall Height 800mm
Width 1800mm
Depth 800mm

3 Seater

Seat Height 380mm
Overall Height 800mm
Width 2200mm
Depth 800mm


Additional information

Dimensions 6312027282 × 6312031283 cm