The post-pandemic workspace of 2022 is a world away from the ceiling-high, cubicle-style office of yesteryear, with many companies now adopting an open-plan space designed to improve communication, relationships and company culture.

But sometimes you might need that confidential space, for zoom calls or private meetings, you might need to focus on a task with no distractions, or you might need to take 5 minutes away from the collaborative space just to recharge your batteries.

This is where office zoning comes in. Zoning refers to the process of dividing space up using less permanent, more versatile furniture such as our own Konnect in order to create ‘zones’ used for reasons such as the above. It enables you to create areas such as focus, meeting and break zones, giving employees the freedom to work as they like and in whatever way they feel makes them most productive.

Konnect offers additional benefits too – storage and lockers, shelving space, and options for including biophilia. It can include a media unit for zoom calls or meetings, a whiteboard for ideas and collaboration and can incorporate a private desk right inside the grid frame structure.