Hybrid working is nothing new, but since the pandemic the amount of workers planning to adopt this approach to their work has skyrocketed. Businesses, too, have now clearly seen the benefits it can bring to them and their employees, and the role of the office has undergone a seismic shift, having moved on from ceiling-high static desk spaces to a more modern approach using open plan rooms and dividing furniture to create temporary working zones, perfect for those who are embracing the hybrid working lifestyle.

Here at ØRN we have many pieces which are ideal for the workplace of 2022, from our soft seating range to our Konnect grid-based shelving system – perfect for creating those temporary divided zones. We offer booths like the Cavern, for those important private phone calls, co-working tables for collaboration and meetings, and comfortable chairs & stools, for those all-important ‘water cooler’ moments.